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Investing in the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

Training Tomorrow’s Doctors, Today

Doctors and healthcare professionals are in critically short supply. Salud Education seeks to solve this challenge by developing new colleges of medicine and health sciences.

Expanding Medical School Capacities

The present physician shortage in the United States and around the globe is a direct function of the inadequate supply of medical school capacities. There is a surplus of applicants for existing medical school seats. Our primary focus is on developing new medical schools in collaboration with established colleges, universities and health systems; and we are making great progress.


Experienced Leaders in Medical and Higher Education


Years of Combined Experience


Representative Colleges of Medicine Developed or Acquired by our Founders


Estimated Shortage of Physicians in the U.S. by 2032

Expanding Education to Improve Care for Those Who Need It Most

Many communities have been traditionally underserved by our health systems. This leads to preventable illnesses and a lower quality of life. Our desire is to ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has access to the best care available. Building medical schools and training students in underserved regions and communities is part of our commitment.

Doctors With a Mission

The physician shortage is not just a numbers dilemma. It is exacerbated by an inadequate supply of physicians who are culturally aware and ready to serve minority and underprivileged populations. We are focused on growing medical school capacity in underserved and culturally distinct communities… preparing medical students from diverse backgrounds to serve where they are able to provide culturally sensitive care.

Expanding Physician Teams

Physicians do not practice in a professional vacuum. They are supported by multiple healthcare professionals to provide competent team based care. There are shortages in those care teams as well.

Our next initiative is to expand education for the complementary care professionals who support physicians and the care environments where they work.

Bringing Health Care Home

Physicians tend to settle in communities where they complete their education. We position our medical schools in communities that need not only more doctors, but also doctors who resonate with the special care requirements of the patients in the community, their languages, belief systems, values and, of course, their distinctive physical challenges.